6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Business’s Slow Season

Along with the seasons of the year, many businesses experience the ebb and flow of busy and slow seasons. Sometimes this is dictated by the weather, school year, fiscal year, tax season or something else altogether. No matter the cause of the seasons of your business, each brings its own advantages. Here are a few tips for making the most of your business’s slow season. Take a look!

1. Re-engage Former Customers

Do you keep a record of former customers who no longer use your services? You should! Using your slow season to try and re-engage former customers is a smart marketing tactic that can have a big payoff. Think strategically about the best way to reach them and with what message. You could offer them a promotion for considering your services again. Or you can offer them something completely free, like a free audit for whatever service it is your provide. Re-engaging customers you’ve already worked with is a warm lead compared to cold calling someone completely new. Take advantage of this in your slow season!

2. Focus on Internal Planning

When business is slow, this is no reason to shut down and go into vacation mode. Rather, use your available time to focus inward on your business model, marketing strategy and other branding efforts. If you’re not fully utilizing social media, your slow season is a great time to implement a social media strategy for your business. Then, once your busy season hits again you have a plan in place to keep this running. Give your business the personalized attention it likely lacks when you’re busy.

3. Schedule Appointments You’ve Been Putting Off

Is there a vendor you’ve been meaning to meet with? What about your accountant or lawyer? During your busy season these types of meetings often take a back seat to serving your customers. Now in your slow season, get ahead of the game by knocking off all those meetings and research you’ve been meaning to do to streamline and grow your business. You’ll be better prepared than ever to take on your next busy season!

4. Look for New Revenue Streams

Your slow season is a time to get creative. Sure, you stay busy most of the year serving your customers in one way. But what other skills and services can you provide in your slow season to bring in new revenue? Think about a landscaping company whose business substantially declines in the winter months. They would be smart to repurpose their tools and labor to hang outdoor holiday décor for their clients. Now they have a whole new revenue stream utilizing the same tools and labor they already had on hand. Brainstorm how your business might do something similar.

5. Make New Hires

Your slow season is the prime time to ramp up your staff. While this may seem counterintuitive since you currently have less work to do than in your busy season, your slow season is a great time to onboard a new team member. You can give them a lot more of your time and attention to make sure they are fully trained and prepared to handle the influx of business when your busy season hits.

6. Do Something for You!

Finally and most importantly use at least a little bit of your downtime in your slow season to do something relaxing. After all, you’ve earned it! Take a family vacation or take a personal retreat where you can refocus on your business goals and strategies. With this mindset, you won’t look at your slow season as a time to worry, but rather as a time to be grateful for the ebb and flow of your business.

How does your business maximize its slow season versus busy season? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below!