This summer will be different for everyone’s family as each of us navigates the best way to both have fun and stay safe and healthy. Here are some ideas for your family to try out this summer!

Have a backyard barbecue! Stock up on your family’s favorite meats and veggies and grill them up! Pass on your grilling tips to your children and don’t forget to enjoy this mouth-watering meal outside!

Enjoy a book (or book series) together! Maybe there is a movie your family loves and has heard that the book version is better. Start reading it out loud together one chapter at a time. Depending on the reading difficulty, let your children take turns reading as well.

Watch fireworks! There will be plenty of them this summer. Find out where they are going to be and find your own spot to comfortably watch them. Don’t forget the lawn chairs, blankets, and bug spray! Get glow sticks as a bonus item!

Take a virtual class as a family. Although some may be tired of the online learning by now, many items that were not available virtually now are.  Maybe you choose a cooking class or start learning the basics of another language. Maybe a music lesson is available for the whole family.

Spend more time outside! Let your kids help you redo your landscaping or plant and maintain a small garden. Give them a little section that is just their own to choose what goes there and keep it alive daily.

Make the most use of your local library. Not only can you check out books there, but they often have other activities to participate in. If you want to stay more distanced, consider tapping into their virtual library which should have plenty of books and audio books for all ages.

Have a picnic! Prepare portable foods together as a family then choose a nice shady place to enjoy your meal outside. Make sure you have a nice large blanket to lounge on and all the snacks you could want. Take along a ball or a frisbee for some fun after you eat.

Play in the water! Think local creeks, rivers, lakes, pools, sprinklers and slip & slides in the yard, or even water tables for the little ones. This can be a ton of fun for those warm summer days when you need something to do that allows you to cool off. With a little more preparation, you could always go kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding as a family. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Do an outdoor scavenger hunt! You can either hide specific items for your kids to find in a localized area or yard. Or choose to find items already found in nature. Follow this link to see an array of wildflowers found in Pennsylvania that you can find and name on your scavenger hunt.

Build something new. This could be making a roller coaster or obstacle course for a marble or a ping-pong ball. Maybe you finally teach your kids to build a birdhouse the way you learned as a kid. Or make that pretty wall hanging that you’ve wanted on your wall for a long time, but haven’t gotten to yet.

Do whatever activity your kids are always asking to do, but something always comes up and you just haven’t gotten to it yet!