Tips to Keep Your Family Safe This Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July holiday is a summertime staple that is meant to be filled with fun memories. Yet, there are many possible dangers that could cause injury, illness or worse, if you don’t take precautions. In an effort to help you make this Fourth of July safe and enjoyable for all, take a look at a few key ways you can minimize the risk of something spoiling your holiday.

Set ground rules

Foremost, establish ground rules with both children and adults. For children, make sure they know what they can and cannot do. For example, young children may not touch or play with fireworks. For adults, set ground rules for who is responsible for monitoring the children and guarding them from hazards like a hot grill or fire pit. When there is a large group of people, it’s easy to assume someone else is handling these responsibilities and that’s when accidents happen. Avoid such a scenario by setting ground rules for the day.

Identify and address potential dangers in advance

While setting your ground rules, also identify and address potential dangers. Make it an activity for your whole family! Ask children what they think could be a danger and explain what they should do to stay safe. Are they allowed near fireworks? Can they play by the fire pit? What should they do if someone gets hurt? Awareness is the first step in protecting your family against holiday hazards.

Never leave young children around fireworks unattended

Children, especially young ones, don’t realize the danger of fireworks. Foremost, keep any fireworks packed away from a child’s reach. Next, be smart when assuming your child is ready to take part in fireworks. In a Newsweek report, it was found that 36% of firework injuries occurred to the arms and hands and sparklers were to blame 40% of the time. You may think a young child can handle holding a sparkler, but they can easily touch themselves with it, drop it or attempt to eat it. Stay cautious!

Find alternatives to fireworks

To avoid the danger of fireworks altogether, forgo them at your Fourth of July celebration. Replace them with festive glow sticks for young children! Children will still get a kick out of running around with their glowing red, white and blue colors and hardly miss the pizazz of a real firework. Best of all, this substantially reduces your risk of injury.

Be mindful of the sun and heat

Outside of fire and fireworks, there are still some other dangers that can be found during Fourth of July celebrations. In July, the sun is hot and you spend a majority of time outside. People often forget to apply sunscreen and drink enough water, leading to damaging sunburn and dehydration. Frequently check in with your family members to make sure you’re reapplying sunscreen and drinking a glass of water every hour. This will help to keep everyone cool, comfortable and safe.

Celebrate responsibly!

Finally, be responsible when celebrating with adult beverages. As the adult, you need to be alert for the safety of your children and yourself. Too much alcohol can cause poor judgement or delayed reaction. When mixed with fireworks, swimming pools and driving, this can be a very dangerous combination. Celebrate responsibly for the sake of everyone you love!

How do you and your family plan to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday? We wish you a fun and safe day!